Always keeping an eye to nature, conservation of the places and to the preservation of culture and traditions of the society we are about to visit.

Our work in tourism and the natural and artistic beauty of our planet will not end with our generation, but it is for us to deliver to our children a land with fewer problems, with better services and with its beauty intact just as we found them .

Liability is a big word, when used in its full meaning. And you do not ask this to anyone, especially since we too are certainly not perfect. And all the different error approach that makes the difference.

The normal rules of education some more thought about will make the difference. And I mean thinking about normal things, like taking off your shoes where local culture requires it, ask first if someone does not like to be photographed, do not laugh at poverty, lack of education and misfortunes of the recent history of this region.

In this way you can always count on our presence and on the information that you have to arrive or you find on the site, either you make travel arrangements to us, whether you decide to go with others or alone.