Travel Philosophy

Traveling in Southeast Asia, and Cambodia in particular, means encountering a very different culture in both traditions in their daily life. It is not only the geographical distance to distinguish ourselves. Many are the historical elements, remote and recent, which over time have altered the social fabric. Visit Cambodia thus provides a discrete dose of adaptation and predisposition cultural impact in order to be able to appreciate the diversity. Read up, even superficially, before facing the journey, can surely be of help in the understanding of a people who, despite the recent past, look with great pride and dignity to keep alive the traditions.

The philosophy of our travel plans a careful attitude to respect people, the culture, the traditions and the environment. Cambodia is evolving very quickly, especially in terms of infrastructure. However there are many provinces still underdeveloped from the tourist point of view: the road network is still slow and in many areas it is hard to think of finding accommodation in many stars.

This is the "price" to pay, if I may say so, to secure the advantage and untold fortune to visit these areas of the country and to enjoy the ancient authenticity that still survives and that gives us a snapshot frozen in time.