Alessandro Fiorio

Foto Alessandro Fiorio die San CassianoAlessandro Fiorio CambodiaOriginario in the province of Bolzano has become over the years a great traveler and connoisseur of 'Asia. He spent twenty years in the Middle East and Himalayan region, and another twenty years between China and Southeast Asia.

After 25 years as a resident in Asia, arrives in Cambodia in the late '90s and with family starts activity options in Sihanoukville on the coast. Later he moved to Siem Reap and founded the agency Alexander Cambodia Tours.

Fluent in five European languages ​​and discreetly six other Asian languages. Always curious and keen student of habits, customs, beliefs, art and history of Cambodia and Asia in general has matured over the years experience and knowledge that has now available to customers.

Claudio Cavani

After a long period of life spent in Thailand, for about ten years, he moved to Sihanouville, on the Cambodian coast. Today he works for Alessandro Cambodia Tours as an experienced tour guide accompanying the tour throughout Cambodia and neighboring nations.