Alessandro Cambodia Tours

s founded by Alessandro Fiorio. He moved to Cambodia in the late '90s mature over time a deep knowledge of the area and local culture. Perseverance in the study of art and skills gained in the previous 25 years of living in Asia as a resident in Istanbul, Kabul, Kathmandu, Lanzhou, as well as numerous travels and experiences as a tour guide in India, China and Tibet, enabled him the agency give an impression that stands out.


home to the largest archaeological site in the world which covers an area of ​​over 400 square km. All over the country there are over a thousand temples of historical interest - many of which are protected by 'UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity - the most beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Siam, dozens of half-deserted islands, natural parks, forests and mountains practically unexplored.

We personally the entrances to the tours, accommodations, meals and all necessary transport for a trip with all the comforts. On our website there are many tours to be considered as such or to customize. We organize extensions in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. For the more adventurous itineraries develop motorbike or mountain biking, fishing trips, diving and snorkelling in the sea and hiking area for several days in the national parks.

In Cambodia, many areas have not yet paved roads. Residing on site we are constantly updated on developments and we can then insert new itineraries. The site contains some tours in remote areas of Rattanakiri, Mondalkiri and on the Cardamom Mountains. Itnerario latter, defined as crossing, raramento is available in the common travel agencies as it is a real adventure in the jungle !!!

Cambodia is one of the few countries in the world and still partly unexplored low-impact tourism where you can still enjoy a truly alternative vacation. You decide where to go ... we take care of all the details!