what to buy?

In Cambodia there is not much worthwhile to buy it as a souvenir, be regarded as a deal that does not give up.
Clothes, bags and shoes of the biggest global brands cost very little compared to costs in other markets.
This is not usually imitations, but of original goods, but with small defects unobtainable.
completely different matter that concerning imitations of the major watch brands. In Cambodia, there is no copyright and therefore in many markets will find the imitations of Rolex, Panerai, Omega and quant 'another as cheaply as possible worldwide. But when you present to the customs of any country in the world you'll be sanctioned.
The few antique stores have a few pieces, not Angkorian. interesting and they begin to have several pieces of very interesting vecchiariato.
In recent years inotre, the 'local crafts began to flourish, and in all markets are inlaid woods, stones, metal castings in different fabrics, mixed low-quality paintings at relatively beautiful pieces.
A special note should be given to ARTESAN d Angkor Sian Rep (the website does not make the amount of production) where, after a little more in price as it is in the markets, you can buy, at a fixed price, a much higher quality.
If you decide to visit the artisans, and good to have at least a couple of hours to see production Atellier and the 'public display.
The production ranges from cosmetics to silk, from painting to sculpture, from mergers to jewelry.