Terms and general conditions


And 'possible to book a tour by contacting us or applying to any your agency and providing them with our references to mediate. The programs on this site are just some of the possible options. All tours are customized according to your requests, consistent with the real practical possibilities related to the conditions of the country, the road conditions and travel times.


Defined in detail the itinerary proceed to the confirmation of the tour through the payment of a deposit, which is essential to be able to book hotels and services required for the first day. The deposit required by us is € 40 / person for the tour in the category STANDARD, € 80 / person for the tour in SUPERIOR category and 120 € / person for the tour in DELUXE category, to be paid through bank transfer to Italian bank account to save you the burden of bank fees for international transfers.


The fee to the tour is expressed in US Dollars (US $) as the main local currency, and refers to the cost per person unless otherwise stated. The security deposit payment of Italian current account must be made in Euros.
The balance will be withdrawn eclusivamente in cash and in dollars at the beginning of American services. We do not withdraw cash in Euros.


It 'expected a full refund of the deposit paid for the tour, minus bank transfer fees, for requests for waiver of that there will be received by e-mail no later than 15th day of the tour start date unless otherwise specified.
In case of large groups of the waiver period it is 30 days for organizational needs.
The tickets we booked are non-refundable. The waiver of Hotel different from those proposed follows the rules of the structure.



In case of purchase of domestic or international flights to / from neighboring countries it is required to pay the full cost of the ticket for obvious reasons, in the case of tour waiver may not be refunded.


In the event that the Hotels offered in the program are not acceptable we will offer you alternative solutions sibling. By rooms of different categories within the structure there is a price adjustment compared to the initial estimate. In the case of choice of hotels different from those proposed, and therefore not affiliated with us, you will have to follow the policy of the structure with regard to the advance of the reservation and the terms of surrender. It may incur an advance payment of the entire cost of the nights. If preferred you can also proceed independently with the online booking. In this case we will curtail the expenditure scheduled for the hotel initially included in the program.


Passport with an expiration date not less than six months, blank pages for visa, one passport photo.
The visa is obtained at the entry border by land or aereopoto at a cost of US $ 20.
E 'can also apply for a visa in advance on-lne at a cost of US $ 25 on the website https://www.evisa.gov.kh/


There are no obligatory vaccinations.


Any proposed tour does not include any type of insurance to persons or property.


If before or during the tour you decide to forego the lunch please note that the guide and the driver still make a break of an hour.
In case of special requests not expressly agreed in the processing of the program will be discussed with the guide and / or the driver at the time according to the actual feasibility and logistics practice. In some cases, it may incur an additional cost.


By working directly on site we do not deal of international flights to / from Italy. We recommend that you contact vs travel agency, within certain limits, may hold no immediate commitment for you the flights and / or travel insurance. And 'possible to do all this even online directly on the most famous travel website (www.skyscanner.it www.volagratis.com etc.) or directly to the airline (www.singaporeair.com www.thaiair.it www. aeroflot.ru/cms/it etc.), with the maximum guarantee on online services and payments.

On our site www.alessandrocambogia.com  you can find general and specific information on the nation, visas, health information, travel tips and more. We are pleased to advise you to see some of our photos on Cambodia at http://fotoselezione.blogspot.com web and its associated blog.