Cambodia is a constitutional and parliamentary monarchy headed the State figure of the king, Norodom Sihamoni since 2004, and with the Prime Minister, Hun Sen is currently at the head of the government and of a multi-party system. The latter is appointed by the King, on the advice and approval of 'National Assembly, and exercises executive power. Legislative power is exercised by the Prime Minister and by both Houses of the Parliament or by 'National Assembly of Cambodia and the Senate. The monarch has no political power, but has a lot of influence on the members of the two chambers: the constitution of Cambodia in fact states that: "The King is the symbol of the 'Unity and' Eternity of the Nation".

The Senate consists of 69 members, two of which are chosen by the king and two from 'National Assembly while the remaining 65 members are elected by the people. The term of office for each member is 6 years. The 'National Assembly of Cambodia is instead made up of 123 members who are all elected by the people. The President and the two Vice-Presidents are appointed by the members of the Shareholders' Meeting and shall hold office only for a session.